My Walls Speak

My Walls Speak
Publisher Xlibris Corporation
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Category Fiction
Total Pages 310
ISBN 9781499017182
Rating 4/5 from 21 reviews

In the 1800’s William and Helen moved to Central Wyoming to homestead and start a new life. Helen’s brother, Duncan and his Native American wife join them to assist with building a wonderful house that becomes known as ‘The Grand lady .' Little did they know that ‘The lady’ would develop a life of her own. Five generations live happy, productive lives within ‘The Lady ,' before she is abandoned and left to decay with time. Then, after years of loneliness, revolting events occur that bring her to the reality of the modern world. For all who believe a house has personality and a story to tell, The Lady will entertain you with her chronicle. Set in the beauty of the Wind River Mountains, her narrative include historical events of the beautiful state of Wyoming.