The Revelation Revisited 1

The Revelation Revisited 1
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A seven headed ten horned red Dragon, with a seductive Harlot called Babylon riding on its back; stars falling from the sky with the earth being destroyed; a world ruler setting up a global economy and demanding that the whole world worship him as god; Jesus returning to the earth to destroy this world leader (the "Antichrist"), and all his followers, as well as the world as we know it; really? Really? Does it make any sense? Is it scientifically believable? And if we think it is believable, which of the hundreds of interpretations and scenarios are we supposed to believe?Revelation Revisited is the product of over 10 years and thousands of hours of analysis and evaluation, and research on the subject. This admittedly involved some disillusionment with a host of interpretations and theories and scenarios. It represents an attempt to implement and adhere to certain rules of interpretation and exegesis and logic. It required an intentional attempt to put aside personal biases and doctrinal presuppositions in order to let the text speak for itself. It also is what emerges from applying two other principles which are unique to biblical exegesis and interpretation. The first is to let scripture interpret scripture. The amazing and little recognized reality is that even the very cryptic passages and somewhat bizarre symbology are actually interpreted and often explained elsewhere in scripture. For example, the various beasts featured in Revelation are actually interpreted and explained in the Old Testament prophetic book of Daniel (and vice versa). Attempts to understand and explain Revelation, or Daniel, without a familiarity with, understanding of, and reference to the rest of both Old and New Testament prophetic scripture, are doomed to fail to produce accurate interpretations - as has historically been the case.The findings and interpretations and scenarios articulated in this commentary have areas of commonality and agreement with many other mainstream works (inasmuch as they are all futurists and to varying degrees literalists). But there are also significant and consequential differences with each of them. The implicit message of many of these more famous authors and their works, is that the revelations and frightening descriptions found in the book are actually not very relevant to the Church today, because she won't even be here when they all will be occurring. Thus the most important messages of the book are mostly missed and almost negated with respect to their intended impact, that we need to live differently in light of these things, especially as we see them happening in our world today. A more accurate and realistic interpretation of the book tells us that we need to see what is happening today in light of what was predicted in scripture, and live our lives accordingly. Moreover, we need to be passing on to the next generation the truths about what to expect in our future and theirs. While we are promised deliverance from the wrath of God to be poured out on Satan and his followers, we are not promised deliverance from what God describes as a time of testing and tribulation for His church. Those who choose to believe the more palatable and comfortable teaching that Christ will come to take out His church before the Antichrist appears, may very well fail to recognize the Antichrist when he does appear, and scriptures warns many will be deceived by him. People today need to hear this truth proclaimed. This is book 1 of 4 volumes.

The Revelation Revisited 1
  • Author : J Mike Byrd
  • Publisher : Independently Published
  • Release Date : 2019-07-16

A seven headed ten horned red Dragon, with a seductive Harlot called Babylon riding on its back; stars falling from the sky with the earth being destroyed; a world ruler setting up a global economy and demanding that the whole world worship him as god; Jesus returning to the earth

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