The Thrill Of Skill

The Thrill of Skill
Publisher New In Chess,Csi
Release Date
Category Games & Activities
Total Pages 336
ISBN 905691717X
Rating 4/5 from 21 reviews

The back catalogue of New In Chess magazine is a fabulous source of chess instruction. For more than three decades every issue has been full of detailed and highly enlightening annotations by the world's best players. Acclaimed chess author Steve Giddins is firmly convinced that the study of well-annotated master games is the best way to improve. Therefore he has revisited the New in Chess vault and assembled the clearest and didactic examples. The Thrill of Skill is has chapters on attack and defence, sacrifices, material imbalances, pawn structures, endgames and various positional themes. There are masterclasses by dozens of chess legends and no fewer than eight World Champions. Together they provide the high standard of instructional material that today's club player needs.