The Handbook Of Design For Sustainability

The Handbook of Design for Sustainability
Publisher A&C Black
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Category Architecture
Total Pages 576
ISBN 9780857858528
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The first devoted overview to the field, The Handbook of Design for Sustainability is the authoratative text on sustainable design.

The Handbook of Design for Sustainability
  • Author : Stuart Walker
  • Publisher : A&C Black
  • Release Date : 2013-09-12

The first devoted overview to the field, The Handbook of Design for Sustainability is the authoratative text on sustainable design.

Routledge Handbook of Sustainable Design
  • Author : Rachel Beth Egenhoefer
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Release Date : 2017-07-28

The Routledge Handbook of Sustainable Design considers the design, not only of artifacts, but of structures, systems, and interactions that bear our decisions and identities in the context of sustaining our shared planet. In addressing issues of design for global impact, behavior change, systems and strategy, ethics and values, this

Routledge Handbook of Sustainable Product Design
  • Author : Jonathan Chapman
  • Publisher : Taylor & Francis
  • Release Date : 2017-05-08

As a cultivated form of invention, product design is a deeply human phenomenon that enables us to shape, modify and alter the world around us – for better or worse. The recent emergence of the sustainability imperative in product design compels us to recalibrate the parameters of good design in an

A Handbook of Sustainable Building Design and Engineering
  • Author : Dejan Mumovic
  • Publisher : Earthscan
  • Release Date : 2013-06-17

The combined challenges of health, comfort, climate change and energy security cross the boundaries of traditional building disciplines. This authoritative collection, focusing mostly on energy and ventilation, provides the current and next generation of building engineering professionals with what they need to work closely with many disciplines to meet these

Sustainability   Scarcity
  • Author : Peter Ozolins
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Release Date : 2014-08-13

Sustainability & Scarcity addresses a gap in the literature on green building recognized by many in the fields of international development, architecture, construction, housing and sustainability. Rather than being based on the experiences of more economically-developed countries, this book describes the nature of green building in the developing world, elaborating the

The Sustainability Handbook for Design and Technology Teachers
  • Author : Practical Action (Organization),Centre for Alternative Technology (Great Britain)
  • Publisher : Practical Action Pub
  • Release Date : 2008

Most people are now aware of their eco-footprint and the need to cut carbon emissions. Local councils have set up recycling schemes and people are encouraged to reduce travel emissions, but this is not enough. Designers need to incorporate sustainability considerations into their work, and this book contains both justification

Handbook of Green Building Design and Construction
  • Author : Sam Kubba
  • Publisher : Butterworth-Heinemann
  • Release Date : 2012

Packed with conceptual sketches and photos, real world case studies and green construction details, Handbook of Green Building Design and Construction provides a wealth of practical guidelines and essential insights that will facilitate the design of green buildings. Written in an easy to understand style, the Handbook draws on over 35

Sustainable Communities Design Handbook
  • Author : Woodrow W. Clark
  • Publisher : Elsevier
  • Release Date : 2010-07-03

The objective of Sustainable Communities Design Handbook is to ensure a better quality of life for everyone, both now and for generations to come. This means creating a better and safer environment internationally through the sustainable use of natural resources, encouraging sustainable development which supports a strong economy, and ensuring

The Whole Building Handbook
  • Author : Varis Bokalders,Maria Block
  • Publisher : Earthscan
  • Release Date : 2004

The Whole Building Handbook is a compendium of all the issues and strategies that architects need to understand to design and construct sustainable buildings for a sustainable society. The authors move beyond the current definition of sustainability in architecture, which tends to focus on energy-efficiency, to include guidance for architecture

Routledge Handbook of Sustainability and Fashion
  • Author : Kate Fletcher,Mathilda Tham
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Release Date : 2014-08-21

The clothing industry employs 25 million people globally contributing to many livelihoods and the prosperity of communities, to women’s independence, and the establishment of significant infrastructures in poorer countries. Yet the fashion industry is also a significant contributor to the degradation of natural systems, with the associated environmental footprint of

  • Author : Aaris Sherin
  • Publisher : Rockport Publishers
  • Release Date : 2008-07-01

Sustainable design is gaining prominence as a pivotal issue for the future of contemporary practice at the best design schools and at professional design conferences. Graphic designers and their clients are increasingly demanding sustainable solutions. Designers want to address these needs when presenting their work for consideration. As businesses continue

Designing for Sustainability
  • Author : Tim Frick
  • Publisher : "O'Reilly Media, Inc."
  • Release Date : 2016-08-23

Pixels use electricity, and a lot of it. If the Internet were a country, it would be the sixth largest in terms of electricity use. That’s because today’s average web page has surpassed two megabytes in size, leading to slow load times, frustrated users, and a lot of

Routledge International Handbook of Sustainable Development
  • Author : Michael Redclift,Delyse Springett
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Release Date : 2015-03-02

This Handbook gives a comprehensive, international and cutting-edge overview of Sustainable Development. It integrates the key imperatives of sustainable development, namely institutional, environmental, social and economic, and calls for greater participation, social cohesion, justice and democracy as well as limited throughput of materials and energy. The nature of sustainable development

Handbook of Sustainable Apparel Production
  • Author : Subramanian Senthilkannan Muthu
  • Publisher : CRC Press
  • Release Date : 2015-04-28

A hot-button societal issue, sustainability has become a frequently heard term in every industrial segment. Sustainability in apparel production is a vast topic and it has many facets. Handbook of Sustainable Apparel Production covers all aspects of sustainable apparel production including the raw materials employed, sustainable manufacturing processes, and environmental

Design for Sustainability  Open Access
  • Author : Fabrizio Ceschin,İdil Gaziulusoy
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Release Date : 2019-09-03

This book discusses the most significant ways in which design has been applied to sustainability challenges using an evolutionary perspective. It puts forward an innovation framework that is capable of coherently integrating multiple design for sustainability (DfS) approaches developed so far. It is now widely understood that design can and