The Carnival Of Doom

The Carnival of Doom
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Total Pages 108
ISBN 1539186253
Rating 4/5 from 21 reviews

Simon Santiago returns in the second book in the Ghost Talker Files! It's been a year since Simon Santiago almost lost his sanity and soul in The Library of Souls. When Simon and his uncle are called to a town that's been tormented by the spirit of a clown named Grimshaw, Simon isn't sure he'll be able to handle the case. But when another paranormal investigation crew shows up in the town, it sets off a dreadful chain of events that might lead Simon and his new friends down the tunnel to insanity. Will Simon be lucky enough to succeed once more? Or will the evil spirit of a long dead clown make sure that never happens again?Find out in The Carnival of Doom, filled once again with spooky photos and plenty of scares