The 11 000ers Of The Canadian Rockies

The 11 000ers of the Canadian Rockies
Publisher Rocky Mountain Books Incorporated
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Category Canadian Rockies (B.C. and Alta.)
Total Pages 288
ISBN 1771601329
Rating 4/5 from 21 reviews

This new edition of The 11,000ers of the Canadian Rockies thoroughly updates route and access information, particularly taking into account the warming trends and glacier retreat that are significantly reshaping the landscape through which mountaineers travel. For those seeking fresh challenges or high peaks to bag, this revision introduces four more mountains on the threshold of 11,000 feet, bringing the potential total to 58 that reach the magic mark. Each entry provides a vivid description of the peak, an extensive history of early and subsequent ascents (and ski descents) and a detailed description of moderate to intermediate routes, including access and approach information. The text is liberally illustrated in full color and features dozens of route and climbing photos and detailed area maps.