SysML In Action With Cameo Systems Modeler

SysML in Action with Cameo Systems Modeler
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ISBN 9780081017739
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System engineering (SE) using models (MBSE) is currently in vogue in the community of SE practitioners, whether they are analysts, architects, developers or testers. INCOSE has contributed greatly to the definition of a language for the community, henceforth standardized under ISO-19514: SysML. However, this language is not associated by default with any particular MBSE procedure. This is a major difficulty hampering its implementation. In order to overcome this difficulty, this book describes, in addition to the SysML notation, a generic approach based on the main principles of SE and relative standards, serving as the basis for a specific MBSE approach to be built. This is in order to respond to the specificities of the field of projects in which the practitioners evolve. In order to carry out the procedure in a pragmatic way, a simplified but realistic example serves as a guideline from the initial requirements to the validation of the system, putting into action the SysML modeling tool Cameo Systems Modeler by No Magic. Based on a realistic example and simplified, yet still useful for professionals (no ATM or traffic lights) Explores everything from requirements to validation to cover the classical V cycle Utilizes a generic approach, fully suitable to SysML, to apply major system engineering principles and standards Helps users learn to make their own model by transcribing their needs and taking advantage of the tool features, Conserves time by using recommended workarounds to develop custom processes for this tool, before deploying successfully on real industrial projects