A Steadfast Faith

A Steadfast Faith
Publisher Wipf and Stock Publishers
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Category Religion
Total Pages 98
ISBN 9781498242929
Rating 4/5 from 21 reviews

What does biblical faith look like? How does salvation work? Am I even saved? How do I know? Perhaps one of these questions has kept your thoughts captive. The apostle Peter in 1 Peter 1 communicates the inner workings of salvation and what salvation will bring forth in a person's life with profound clarity. Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Peter describes what a Christian is, what a Christian has to look forward to, and what being a Christian will increasingly mean as we live as exiles in this world. In A Steadfast Faith we examine the faith delivered to the saints once and for all with the goal of a greater assurance of God's salvation and a more fervent desire to know the God who justifies, sanctifies, and glorifies all those with a God-given steadfast faith in the gospel.