Saving Houdini

Saving Houdini
Publisher Harper Collins
Release Date
Category Juvenile Fiction
Total Pages 288
ISBN 9781443409964
Rating 4/5 from 21 reviews

FINALIST FOR THE SILVER BIRCH AWARD Dashiel Woolf should be ecstatic for the chance to meet his hero, the Great Houdini, not long before the famous magician’s untimely death in 1926. But Dash is far more concerned about getting home—because home is 85 years in the future. Sent back in time through a magic trick gone terribly wrong, Dash and his new friend, Walt—a known troublemaker—hatch a plan to return Dash to the present day. But if they are successful, they might prevent the Great Houdini from taking part in the event that ended his life, possibly changing history forever . . . “Genuinely entertaining in a way that few Canadian historical novels are. . . . It is a wild and fun romp and will keep almost any reader turning the pages to see how Dash will get home. Highly Recommended.” —CM MAGAZINE “The writing is smooth, the historic setting compelling, the magic engaging and the plot twists complex. . . . A tantalizing book that will appeal to devotees of Harry Potter, mystery lovers and Redhill fans who will thoroughly enjoy seeing his lighter side.” —NATIONAL READING CAMPAIGN “A lively, entertaining read, well paced and enjoyable, with nary a hint of weepiness.” —MONTREAL GAZETTE