Royal Commission Issued Under The Great Seal Of This Province Of Quebec The Eleventh Day Of January In The Year One Thousand Eight Hundred And Ninety Two To Make Enquiry Into Different Matters And Things Concerning The Good Government Of This Province Notes And Proceedings And Testimonials Of Witnesses

Royal Commission Issued Under the Great Seal of this Province of Quebec  the Eleventh Day of January  in the Year One Thousand Eight Hundred and Ninety two  to Make Enquiry Into Different Matters and Things Concerning the Good Government of this Province       Notes and Proceedings and Testimonials of Witnesses
Publisher Levis [Quebec] : Mercier
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Consists of 3rd sitting, Jan. 19, 1892, 4th sitting, Jan. 20, 1892, and 5th sitting, Jan. 28, 1892. Sitting of Jan. 29, 1892 is adjourning sine die, due to the illness of Judge Mathieu, to be reconvened at a later date.