Rick Mercer Report The Paperback Book

Rick Mercer Report  The Paperback Book
Publisher Anchor Canada
Release Date
Category Humor
Total Pages 320
ISBN 9780307372116
Rating 3.5/5 from 11 reviews

Rick Mercer Report: The Paperback Book is an updated, expanded remix of its bestselling predecessor, Rick Mercer Report: The Book, containing 10,000 words of new material from the show’s fifth season. Rick’s celebrated rants are some of the sharpest political commentary to be found anywhere in the country’ s media, and certainly the funniest. They are featured here, along with other moments from the show — including encounters with Conrad Black, Jean Chrétien, and Anne Murray — and many additional pieces, some of which first appeared on his website. Because when he’s not jumping into a lake with David Suzuki or Bob Rae, or helping the leader of the Green Party kill a tree, Rick Mercer likes to relax by blogging. From Kabul, say. Or the bearpit of a leadership convention. Rick Mercer Report: The Paperback Book will help you make sense of five extraordinary years in the life of Canada — or at least laugh despite them.