Led Into Temptation

Led into Temptation
Publisher Harlequin
Release Date
Category Fiction
Total Pages 224
ISBN 9781426854965
Rating 4/5 from 1 reviews

He's the worst possible man for her. And she wants him with a desperation that borders on obsession… Recently jilted Naomi Brightman has had it with men! Her last boyfriend left her with a broken heart and the FBI on her trail. What she needs now is a place to hide for a while. Only when she gets to the remote resort she owns with her sisters, what she finds is a temptation that could jeopardize a lot more than her good name…. Enter dangerously delicious Dane MacFarland. He makes Naomi sizzle all over! But…he's off-limits. Really, really off-limits. Still, the passion between them is overwhelming, irresistible—even downright sinful. Or it would be—if Dane was half the man Naomi thinks he is….