How To Win As A First Time Manager The Challenges Facing Talent Management When Moving From Co Worker To Boss

How to Win as a First Time Manager  The Challenges Facing Talent Management When Moving from Co Worker to Boss
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How to WIN fills an important gap in the current leadership literature in that it gets "down and dirty" with the very real issues that first-time managers face in today's workplace. These new leaders don't craft long-term strategies or issue inspiring missives to hundreds of eager troops. Neither do they testify before congressional committees nor appear as public spokespersons for this or that glamorous product. They are the managers who strive each day, often with limited resources, to meet the high production standards set by those in the c-suite. From how to manage relationships with direct reports (who used to be that manager's peers), to how to delegate tasks, to how to build effective teams and better manage one's time, How to WIN takes the reader into the daily exchanges between a new manager and her veteran coach, as they explore the various roles all managers are expected to play. Dr. Dave Day has been a student of management for over 48 years as a manager, college faculty member, and management consultant/coach. For the past 30 years, his "first love" has been the training and development of newly appointed first-time managers. In recent years, that interest has been expanded to include working with participants in talent management groups. His articles on management topics have appeared in Personnel, Personnel Journal, Training & Development Journal, Journal of Management Education, and Supervisory Management. His articles have been adopted by such organizations as the American Management Association, the US Office of Personnel Management, the American Institute of CPAs, the Defense Intelligence Agency, the F. D. Roosevelt Hospital in Czechoslovakia, and the Instituto de Medicina in Havana, Cuba. He is the author of Teaching Your 1st Management Course (South- Western College Publishing) designed to assist doctoral level students in Management in teaching college level Management courses. Dr. John Lough, career consultant and executive coach, has served as a senior manager for a top-ten financial services organization as well as on the staff of a major U.S. university business school. In these roles, he has helped grow hundreds of budding, first-time, and veteran managers. John has authored or co-authored a number of articles, book chapters, and books on management and leadership. His areas of interest and expertise include leadership and executive development, strategic planning, career management, group facilitation, building effective teams, managing and leading change, training programs strategies and design, job analysis, and employee selection processes. John is co-founder of Georgians for Manufacturing, a statewide group of educators and business leaders organized to raise public awareness as to the positive impact of manufacturing industries on the national economy.

How to Win as a First Time Manager  The Challenges Facing Talent Management When Moving from Co Worker to Boss
  • Author : Dave Day,John Lough
  • Publisher : Dog Ear Publishing
  • Release Date : 2012-02-01

How to WIN fills an important gap in the current leadership literature in that it gets "down and dirty" with the very real issues that first-time managers face in today's workplace. These new leaders don't craft long-term strategies or issue inspiring missives to hundreds of eager troops. Neither do they

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