We Are What We Think

We Are What We Think
Publisher Unknown
Release Date
Category Juvenile Nonfiction
Total Pages 32
ISBN 1775163865
Rating 4/5 from 21 reviews

Your thoughts are POWERFUL! Positive thinking isn't just for grown-ups! Encourage your kids to dream big and think positive! We Are What We Think is a great addition to any child's library! It's filled with catchy phrases that roll off your tongue, and you'll want to read it over and over! Positive thinking is a powerful habit to instill in your little ones. This new addition to the Holistic Thinking Kids Series will encourage kids to light the fire that keeps them dreaming and striving for more! "Believe in yourself, you can be anything! An Astronaut, Scientist, or even the King!" If your kids are in a slump and need a good pick-me-up, then this is the feel-good book that you're looking for! About the HOLISTIC THINKING KIDS SERIES: "We Are What We Think" is part of the new, and exciting, Holistic Thinking Kids Series! These books are written to help kids look at the big picture in life and keep their minds working in the unique, and creative, way that they were meant to! They are a wonderful way to be pro-active in keeping your kids healthy, inside and out, from a holistic point of view. Don't miss out on any of the "Think for Myself" books, or "We Are What We Eat," which are already on Amazon's shelves today! Keep your eyes out for "Looking at the BIG PICTURE," which is coming out next month!