Hitchcock S Bible Names Dictionary Definitions Of Ancient Hebrew Names Mentioned In Biblical Lore

Hitchcock s Bible Names Dictionary  Definitions of Ancient Hebrew Names Mentioned in Biblical Lore
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ISBN 138799719X
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Hitchcock's compendium of Bible names and their definitions demystifies the meanings of every Bible name from A to Z - thus, it is a superb reference manual for spiritual study. A good supplement to Biblical studies, Hitchcock's book lists the meanings behind the various names. This allows readers to discover the etymological origins of the most famous figures in the Bible, place these names in their proper context, and thus perform readings of the holy scripture from a more informed perspective. Many of the names pertain directly to the qualities of their holders. For example the name Behemoth from the Book of Job simply means 'monstrous', while the name 'Iscariot' (as in Judas Iscariot) means 'a man of murder; a hireling'. Other names are however more nuanced - the name 'Baal' means 'master, or lord', contrasting the demonic connotations applied by 17th century Gothic fiction.