Heaven Is Waiting

Heaven Is Waiting
Publisher iUniverse
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Category Religion
Total Pages 310
ISBN 1469787792
Rating 4/5 from 21 reviews

Heaven Is Waiting is about heaven, but it is much more. It is about our longing for heaven, our innate instinct for it. It is about eternity in our hearts and how the hope of heaven inspires and sustains us. We groan inside as we resist death and cry for something more beyond the grave. What we call life is a journey to death; what we call death is the gateway to life. Using biblical principles, Triplett paints a refreshing picture of heaven and provides proof that heaven is a real place. He challenges many preconceived ideas of what heaven will be like while answering the questions that you may not have had the courage to ask. He has collaborated with noted clergymen who share their insights about the heaven that can become your final forwarding address. This book will either affirm your belief in heaven or challenge your plan for getting there. Heaven is a permanent residence, a city without a cemetery, a place where we unpack our bagsmemoriesand stay forever. Are you excited and ready for a great adventure? Are you anticipating what awaits you beyond deaths door? Prepare for the time of your lifeheaven is waiting.