Desire Deception

Desire   Deception
Publisher Entangled: Ignite
Release Date
Category Fiction
Total Pages 215
ISBN 9781622666454
Rating 3/5 from 2 reviews

Tessa Marshal agreed to make her last night in Mexico memorable, but she didn't expect that to include being dragged out of her car in the middle of the night. She wakes up to find herself bound on the floor of a cartel safe-house, having to account for her part in a double-cross. Kristopher "Kris" Harmon has spent years undercover climbing the ranks within the Mexican cartel. He walks a tight line between vicious drug runners with agendas of their own and working with the cartel leaders he's trying to organize. Any distraction could prove fatal for him. Their worlds collide when Tessa is mistaken for a drug mule and taken captive. As time runs out for both of them, Tessa has to reach beyond her fears and trust a stranger while Kris must choose between his lifelong ambitions and saving Tessa's life. If they want to survive, both must trust that there is more to the other than what meets the eye. Books in the Dangerous Desire series: Desire and Deception Secrets and Seduction Temptation and Treachery