Female Entrepreneurship In East And South East Asia

Female Entrepreneurship in East and South East Asia
Publisher Elsevier
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ISBN 9781780632421
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This detailed study of female entrepreneurship in Asia examines the high economic growth that is increasingly driven by market-oriented economic reforms favouring entrepreneurship. There is a higher awareness by women of their political and socio-economic rights and recognition by society at large of social legitimacy of women pursuing business activities in their own right. This book assesses socio-cultural and economic factors influencing female entrepreneurship in Asia as well as the process and the tools and challenges that accompany it. Opportunity to acquire knowledge on the socio-economic roles played by women as entrepreneurs in the region Description and analysis of the issue in countries at different stages of economic development and with different socio-economic and cultural environment A broad approach encompassing historical, political, sociological, economics and businesses-related aspects of female entrepreneurship