Desire Deception And Revenge

Desire  Deception and Revenge
Publisher Unknown
Release Date
Total Pages 180
ISBN 1735713201
Rating 4/5 from 21 reviews

Loyalty, trust and revenge. These are the things that plagued Angelique Dupre. As a child she was uprooted from her home country, submerged in a new culture and an equally strange language. As a teen she experiences the first taste of love, but suffers through a kidnapping which affects every area of her life for years to come. Was her new love involved in her abduction? Following her horrific ordeal, Angel struggles through failed relationships, a failed marriage, estrangement from her father, and many other crippling losses, which leave her demoralized and unable to trust herself and others. In spite of the setbacks, however, Angel, as she's affectionately called, has become a successful, noted author. Yet she is often plagued by the memories of her ordeal and losses when she drifts off to fitful sleep filled with nightmares. The trusting friendship of Vivian Summervale, Angel's best friend from her high school years, is the one stabilizing force that keeps Angel grounded. The two rely on each other, have each other's backs. It is in this capacity that the two women forge a lifelong bond. The common denominator for them both is relationship issues. But as Angel finds herself confronting a love interest from her past, she is overwhelmed. With revelations of deceit and betrayal, can Angel learn to trust again and open her heart to allow true love in? Ultimately, the evil forces that manipulate Angel's life must be revealed. Revenge is a deadly game played on the innocent Angel by an unhinged mastermind that must be revealed. Will this happen? Will Angel be able to be whole again, to love and be loved? Read on to unlock the mystery.