Coming Home To Self

Coming Home to Self
Publisher Nancy Verrier
Release Date
Category Family & Relationships
Total Pages 485
ISBN 0963648012
Rating 5/5 from 2 reviews

This book is a must-read for adoptees, birth parents, adoptive parents, and those who live with, work with, and counsel them. It is also for anyone who believes that they are living an unauthentic life. This book explains the role of separation trauma in the life of adoptees and birth mothers and how that trauma affects the neurological system. It demonstrates how the inner, fearful child may be running the lives of adoptees. It shows how the meaning we give to events determines our beliefs and how those beliefs control our feelings, attitudes and behavior. It gives guidelines for discovering the authentic self and for becoming accountable for our impact on others. Reading this book should improve relationships, including reunions. It will help adoptive parents empathize with their children and teach them how to respond to their behavior and regulate their feelings. It will help professionals understand the issues specific to adoption and be better able to treat them. This book is about authenticity and accountability.