Caught In The Path Of Katrina

Caught in the Path of Katrina
Publisher University of Texas Press
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Category Social Science
Total Pages 152
ISBN 9781477319734
Rating 4/5 from 21 reviews

In 2008, three years after Hurricane Katrina cut a deadly path along the northern coast of the Gulf of Mexico, researchers J. Steven Picou and Keith Nicholls conducted a survey of the survivors in Louisiana and Mississippi, receiving more than twenty-five hundred responses, and followed up two years later with more than five hundred of the initial respondents. Showcasing these landmark findings, Caught in the Path of Katrina yields a more complete understanding of the traumas endured because of the Storm of the Century. The authors report on evacuation behaviors, separations from family, damage to homes, and physical and psychological conditions among residents of seven of the parishes and counties that bore the brunt of Katrina. The findings underscore the frequently disproportionate suffering of African Americans and the agonizingly slow pace of recovery. Highlighting the lessons learned, the book offers suggestions for improved governmental emergency management techniques to increase preparedness, better mitigate storm damage, and reduce the level of trauma in future disasters. Multiple major hurricanes have unleashed their destruction in the years since Katrina, making this a crucial study whose importance only continues to grow.