The Black Ship

The Black Ship
Publisher Unknown
Release Date
Category Fiction
Total Pages 246
ISBN 1926886380
Rating 4/5 from 21 reviews

"Enid Blue Starbreaks is a Repletian who survives a mass killing of her people on the Pegasus. She is later adopted and raised by an Amphorian family. With the recent attention given to the 60s scoop of Indigenous people in Canada, the parallels in the novel are quite striking. Despite the attempt to erase Enid’s memory, and despite being integrated into the Amphorian society, the older, lingering memories of who she was shadow her, but also at the same time light a path for her across the stars. Despite the racism she experiences, she rises up the ranks of the Amphorian navy, and eventually becomes an admiral of the fourth fleet. Eventually, her uncle Leon Three Starbreaks connects with her, and her circle back to her people is complete although somewhat fractured"--Introduction by Neal McLeod.